What it’s supposed to do

Donginbi Red Ginseng Treatment Cleansing Oil Gel offers a “rich, honey texture red ginseng oil that works to deep clean and moisturize your skin.” Although it has the phrase “cleansing oil” in it, it’s actually a second cleanser, meant to go after your oil cleanser.

As you can infer from the name, it prides itself heavily on its “six-year-old red ginseng”. Ginseng (Panax ginseng) has been a popular herbal remedy in Korea for thousands of years with a number of uses. Studies have shown that ginseng may be able to inhibit melanogenesis (the creation of melanin) meaning it can fade dark spots and brighten complexions. According to another study, it has potential potential anticytotoxic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging effects.

Normally, this is where I say “eh, whatever, I’m washing it off my face so the good stuff doesn’t have time to do good stuff,” but there’s something magic in this bottle, you guys.

How to use it

This goes in the place of your usual foaming cleanser. Oil cleanse first if you double cleanse, then apply to damp skin, massage for a little bit, and rinse off with lukewarm water. They suggest using 2-3 pumps, but 1 pump was plenty for me. It doesn’t foam or lather, which may take some getting used to.

Ingredient highlights

As I mentioned, ginseng features heavily in this product – it’s got ginseng root oil, extract, and water. Other good stuff: astragalus root, used heavily in traditional Chinese and Korean medicine that can stimulate hyaluronic acid synthesis; Lingzhi mushroom extract, another traditional medicinal and beautifying extract with potential antioxidant effects; and ginger root extract, which has anti-inflammatory and melanin inhibiting effects.

It’s primarily olive oil esters, which are derived from olive oil but actually 1) are water-soluble, not oil-soluble and 2) function as a surfactant, albeit a very gentle one. (Check out my post on surfactants for what that means – basically, surfactants are the things in a cleanser that cleanse.)

Overall, this is a pretty short ingredients list for a cleanser, and appears very well-formulated.

What it’s like in action

The Donginbi Oil Gel is a thin, honey-colored gel, about the viscosity of syrup but not sticky.


The best cleanser I’ve ever used, bar none. It so far exceeded my expectations that even its negatives – price and smell – can’t impact its overall score.

DONGINBI Korea Cosmetic Red Ginseng Skin Care Ultimate Oil 1 oz (30ml)

KT&G ( Korean Tobacco and Ginseng Corporation ) released an oriental herbal based skincare LLang. Recently another big name in the Ginseng &; Beauty Supplement field KGC ( Korean Ginseng Corporation ) will also be releasing a ginseng-based cosmetic brand called “Donginbi” .

The brand revolves around of course the Korean Red Ginseng which is grown for 6 years under strict quality control conditions. Korean red ginseng has been consumed safely by herbalists for over 2 000 and is found in many health foods and almost all energy drinks for its non-caffeine-based gentle boost of energy and stamina. Researched over 40 years and over 112 years of established global brand awareness KGC has one of the world’s largest production facility and the best R&D centres in the global ginseng market.

The 6-year old Korean Red Ginseng has one of the highest amount of Saponin Ginsenosides found in the roots which supplies your skin with optimum nutrition and repair damaged skin. It also helps in blood circulation and contains remarkable healing properties.

Brand :

DONGINBI (Made in Korea) Item Name: Red Ginseng Ultimate Oil (1 oz /30ml) Type: Oil Size: 1 oz (30ml) Qty: 1 Containing * Red Ginseng Oil

DONGINBI Korea Cosmetic Red Ginseng Skin Care Ultimate Oil 1 oz (30ml) / Oriental-herbal skincare.














DONGINBI Red Ginseng Concentrated Moisturizing Eye Cream

Red ginseng extract makes the skin around the eyes look noticeably tightly
Moisturizes and treats fine lines
Regenerates the cutaneous tissue




We wait for 6 years for Red Ginseng natural growing