Top-grade snow crab: available by the ton!

Our snow crab is sustainably fished right from the St. Lawrence River

Seafood at its very best.

Caught in the morning. Ready to be delivered within 24 hours.

Discover a true fish and seafood paradise: The Côte-Nord and Manicouagan Fisheries Manicouagan Fisheries has a long-standing tradition of fishing as well as fish and seafood processing on Canada’s beautiful Côte-Nord. From its head offices in Baie Comeau, Manicouagan Fisheries markets tantalizing fish and seafood species native to the fresh waters of the Côte-Nord, including whelk, Stimpson’s surf clams, turbot, Atlantic halibut, snow crab, Iceland scallops, and northern shrimp. Grocery chains, restaurant chefs, distributors, customers and others fond of cold water fish’s great flavour and freshness hail from as far away as Europe and Asia all the way to Manicouagan Fisheries, their supplier of choice. In addition, because of our remarkable production capacity, we can provide you with a wide variety of products throughout the year—even during the off-season—so that you can enjoy our delicacies any time you want!

Savor the delectable taste and texture of fresh coldwater fish.

Healthy. Tender. Savory. Coldwater fish is the world’s finest.



We fish all of our products directly from the St. Lawrence River. With a commitment to sustainability, our processing methods are innovative and eco-friendly. We have received BRC certifications for all products processed in our Les Crabiers du Nord plant. We conscientiously manage all aspects of the supply chain while protecting the environment, waterways and native species. This is your guarantee of quality.


Our product info:

Canadian Live Dungeness Crab-Hot Sale!!!

size 1.5-2 lb, 2lb +

– Snow crab cluster (brine frozen, 1×30 lbs per master)
                – size = 4+, 5/8, 8/10 & 10/12

– Greenland turbot:

                – Fillets: 4/8, 8/12, 12+
                – HOG (head-on gutted): 400/600g, 600/800g, 800/1000g, 1000/1200g & 1200+

– Atlantic halibut:

                – head less, gutted: 10-20 lbs, 20-50 lbs, 50-85 lbs, 85-125 lbs, 125 + lbs (weight per fish)

– Arctic surf clam:
                – Hokkigai: Small, medium, large and 2L ..  10×1 KG
                – Mantle meat or body meat: 1×7 KG
– Whelks meat:
                – IQF: small, medium & large ..10×1 KG per master
                – In brine 6×3 lbs per master

Northern shrimp

Northern shrimp are small crustaceans that breed along the marine trenches of the St. Lawrence River. Fished between April and November, they are one of the most popular seafood species in Québec. Northern shrimp boast a very rich flavor. Their firm and crisp texture is matched only by their exquisite and delicate taste. Its flesh is pink on the outside and white on the inside. Our premium quality shrimp are 100% natural and contain no chemical additives.

Here are the various packages we offer.

Freshly shrimp, cooked whole
1 X 4.54 kg
1 X 11.34 kg
Fresh shrimp, shelled and deveined
1 X 4.54 kg
1 X 2.27 kg
Frozen shrimp, shelled and deveined
(Individual or vacuum-packed)
90-125; 125-175; 300-400; 400+
Ocean run